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Sweet T + Le Canvas

from When The Sky Cracks by Stitch Early




I like the way you get down
I like the way you let
Me be the one
To put a smile on that frown
I like your hips, I like your thighs
I like your lips, i like your eyes
I like your ditz, I like your wise
I like your, coconut pies
I like the way you cook
I like the way you took
My son as yours
I like the way you exfoliate
And keep the cleanest pours
I like your virtue
I like you perfume
I like I’m your groom
I like your hair too
Nelly voice, LOL
I like your scars,
Like that you know Jay and Nas
Tribe Called Quest, Mos Def
And Common bsrs
I like you classic
I like you 1/4 thick
But even if you was full thick
I still would like it
I like your style
i your when I like your how
I like your smile
I like your then I like your now
I like your
French Vanilla Butter Peacan
Chocolate Deluxe
In other words I like your flavor
I like your Savior
I like your faith
I like your growth
I like your taste
I like when you eat off your own Plate when we on dates
I like your cold feet on my calfs
I like how you speak and you laugh
How you slep when you mad
Crying face emoji
Yea I ike the way you hold me
I like the way you keep it
Real up front and never phony
And theres some other things
That I culd say that I like
But I’ll tell you when I see you aiight


Black woman
Thats what they see at face value
Priceless is your waits worth
But wait how do
You register a price
For a life that awarded life
Doctor said your womb was boke
And couldn’t afford a life
But here she stands
Your interest bearing deposit
And tho I could never repay damage done to your closet
For ever stretch mark
I embark on a journey
To ensure that you heart knows
Your sacrifices was worthy
Magic, never that
Coincidence, not that either
But faithfullness to take over
Doubt and be that ether
To naysays who said that
Baybays would be mayday
Not knowing what would take
Place few months before that
May day
You made sure she kicked in the Door
Up on the scene
Hit the Omaha and
Audibled the whole stream
A life without your faith wouldn’t Be seen, Queen
A life without your faith wouldn’t Be seen, Queen


Le Canvas
Picture perfect work of art
Masterpiece, Tour de Force
Magnum opus
You are
Le Canvas
Picture perfect work of art
Masterpiece, Tour de Force
Magnum opus
You are
Le Canvas
1234 and 5
More ways to love you I find
You are
Le Canvas
In life stand by my side
Through low lows and high highs
You are
Le Canvas


from When The Sky Cracks, released February 1, 2019
Written by: Stitch Early
Produced by: Marq
Mixed & Mastered by: Marq


all rights reserved



Stitch Early Frederick, Maryland

Born in Fayetteville, NC. Raised in Frederick, MD. Stitch Early has become a staple in his hometowns music scene. Described as an “inspirational artist” he uses his music to evoke change in those who listen. His lyrical prowess along with song writing ability, wittiness and creativity makes him a standout as an artist. As the journey continues the bio will grow. ... more

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