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Say It Again

from When The Sky Cracks by Stitch Early




Eulogies, wake viewings and last words
Know I left behind
Something that will outlast verbs
Every vocal reveals sight for those blurred
Lines fulfilled faith growth
When they heard
So when I leave
Let you celebrate my voice
Hopefully my lyrics
Helped your spirit with a choice
Peeled the Keys back
And benefits was noice
For the crown that we hoist
Is a merit to rejoice
Meaning ain’t no limits to the Dream
Shake opposition
New beginnings be Akeem
Never focus on
How they may judge in the ring
If you boxed in the blood
Then the love is Supreme


Encore (x3)
Moment of silence
But all they say is they want more


A Carolina kid with Panamanian blood
Brooklyn in his vein
Southern slang from his mug
Pain from an uncle
Who was slain from a slug
He’d refrain from the banging
Or slanging of Drug
Ironic that on the block, the Rock
Became his life savor
Serving sweet dimes
Would turn to rhymes later
Perfect timing
Kinda reminiscent of the title
Of that sitcom from his childhood
With Zack and Slater
It’s alright, look how he turned 2 from 1
When the mic rose
Talents he spewed sound from tongue
In the ground goes nothing
His souls cell was sprung
Led a life so rare
His return, Well done


Encore (x3)
Moment of silence
But all they say is they want more


When I’m dead and gone
What more will they say
Hopefully they speak of honor
With respects that they pay
And I’ll receive an Encore
A round of applause
An Encore
For my life’s rewards


from When The Sky Cracks, released February 1, 2019
Written by: Stitch Early
Produced by: Jon Green
Mixed & Mastered by: Marq


all rights reserved



Stitch Early Frederick, Maryland

Born in Fayetteville, NC. Raised in Frederick, MD. Stitch Early has become a staple in his hometowns music scene. Described as an “inspirational artist” he uses his music to evoke change in those who listen. His lyrical prowess along with song writing ability, wittiness and creativity makes him a standout as an artist. As the journey continues the bio will grow. ... more

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